• PTSD Triggers

    This course will provide an understanding of general behavioral terms and how to mentally identify the who, what, where, why questions of a trigger to gain a better understanding. A better understanding allows for a plan of action to have a more neutral response to the trigger in the present and future. Less triggers creates more peace. (Zoom, 1hr)

  • Strong Mental Base

    How can you fight the demons in your head if you haven’t figured out how to take care of the team you want to win? AKA you. This course is about what happens in your brain and how to take back control.(Zoom, 1hr)

  • Mindfulness

    Fancy word for living in the present moment. We will go through different ways and different exercises living in the present moment to strengthen the mind. The brain is like a muscle. If you don’t do healthy mental exercises, it will be weak.(Zoom, 1hr)

  • Functional Communication

    This course is about relearning how to communicate.You may know how to talk shit with the boys thanks to the military, not sure if they focused on communicating to people who never were in the military. This course focuses on communicating in a healthier way. (Zoom, 1hr)

  • Empathy

    Everyone has their own definition of love or love language. This is different. It’s learning how to see people as mirrors and having compassion. It’s learning to have empathy again. (Zoom, 1hr)